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In 1994, working as a young business executive, Guibert del Marmol was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor with devastating effects closely linked to professional stress. While conventional medicine predicted a bleak future, over the next ten years, he developed a different lifestyle based on other beliefs and healing methods. By marrying the best of modern science with ancestral therapeutic techniques, he succeeded in thwarting the pessimistic prognosis of the doctors. Instead of killing him, this ordeal marks for him the beginning of a new life that will profoundly impact, in the years that follow, his life as a man, a business executive, and entrepreneur. This path of reconstruction changed his world outlook and also allowed him to gain the highly specific experience of witnessing the interactions between “science and consciousness”.

To live more coherently, he decided in 2005 to leave his role as CEO to better serve the world and the future generations. At first Guibert was active in mentoring leaders while searching for meaning for these organizations. He then co-founded the Lunt Foundation with Michael Lunt in 2012, whose aim is to support social entrepreneurship and consciousness awakening. In 2016, he created the Chair in “Regenerative Economy” at the Louvain School of Management. These different activities led him to travel across four continents, meeting women and men who are changing the world and are reconciling the terms ecology, economy, and meaning. 

Guibert del Marmol describes himself most often as a pragmatic utopian, a mover between worlds, and a bridge builder for those who build the future.